My Current Research Agenda & Related Interests

I am currently a member of the DolceLab
directed by Dr. Chris Hoadley

The dolcelab is a nexus for studying the relationship between learning, design, collaboration, & technology. We design, build, and study sociotechnical systems that empower people as they learn and grow

Design of learning, collaboration and experience

Increasing Motivation & Effective Teaching & Learning in Mediated Learning Environments

Socially Relevant Representations, Social Capital & Networks, Social Presence, Self-Regulated Learning, Social Computing, Affective Computing, Immediacy, Emotional Bandwidth, Learner Control, HCI

The Role of Social Capital and Social Network Knowledge on Motivation, Learning
  • Expertise finding in educational institutions
  • Expertise utilization of teachers
  • Congruence between Self-reported SN/SC knowledge vs. "Observed" activities .
  • Online social network systems (Friendster, Orkut, Ryze, TappedIn, The Facebook)
The Role of Socially Relevant Representations (SRRs) on Motivation, Learning
  • Social Presence
  • Authorial Voice, rhetorical style/register
  • Human Speech
  • Personalization (vs. adaptive systems)
  • Source credibility (expert, peer, computer, self)
The Role of the Affective Domain on Motivation and Learning
  • Emotional bandwidth[1]
  • Keller's ARCS model [1]
  • Social computing
  • Affective computing
  • Biofeedback
  • Boredom Proneness
The Role of Social Presence (affective communication) in...
  • Instructional Systems Design (ISD)
  • Distance Education (DE)
  • Computer Mediated Communication (CMC)
  • Computer Supported Collaborative Learning and work (CSCL)

Self monitoring & Self-Regulation in Learning

  • Self Efficacy
  • Self Monitoring
  • Self-Determination Theory
Learner Control in Hypermedia
(learner-centered interfaces)
  • Autonomy , Self-Determination
  • Assigning learner agency (expert, peer, computer, self)
  • Learner-centered interface design[1]
  • Interactive video technologies
  • Rich media navigation
  • Rich media search
Interactions Design
  • Learner-content [1]
  • Learner-teacher[1]
  • Learner-learner[1]
  • Learner-interface[1]
  • Vicarious interaction
Media Research
  • Multiple Modalities
  • Film as literature[1]
  • Media literacy[1]
  • Rich media navigation and search
  • Media Richness
  • Media attributes research (REVISITED!)
  • Autonomic responses to course and media features (OR, GSR)
  • Education vs. Edutainment vs. Entertainment
Technology & Society
  • Technolopoly[1]
  • Deification of technology[1]
  • Distance Learning
  • Technological Determinism
  • Social Network Analysis

Adaptive Learning Environments
(learner-centered design)

  • Cognitive styles, field dependency[1]
  • Multiple representation[1]

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Joel Galbraith
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: June 27, 2007