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I'm a husband, father, brother, son, uncle, nephew, neighbor, friend.

I'm also an educator, student, gadget geek, teacher, explorer, innovator, researcher.

But trying to be a good husband and father is the source of both the greatest joy, and challenge in my life.

My wife and kids are great, and I enjoy spending the too little time I get with them due to my school and work schedule. They--the kids--range in age from 3-14 yrs. (2007)

As a family (ok, mostly me), we've been really into


The sport where "You are the Search Engine". It's essentially high tech treasure hunting world wide--yes it's also in your area. Using a GPS (global positioning system) receiver, you go out and find things "caches" that other people have hidden, and even hide your own. Our Geocaching name is "The Seven G's"

Check out our profile, and join in the fun! We use an handheld Lowrance iFinder Pro ($169) You can spend anywhere from $60-300 for a good geocaching GPS. The lower priced ones are just as accurate as the more expensive ones.
I like the feature/price/accuracy of Lowrance, but they are the lesser-known gem of the handheld gps world, trailing Garmin and Magellan.
(tigergps is a great place to start for pricing.)

A Geocaching Presentation (ppt)

Fall 2004 (State College, PA)

Spring 2005 (The Seven G's out geocaching)
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I'm a Christian who strongly believes that the answer to the world's problems, (as well as any personal problems) can be found in following (not just knowing) the teachings of Jesus Christ. It can be difficult being a faithful follower (disciple) of Christ, but it is worth the effort for many personal, family, societal and eternal reasons!
Click on the following link to learn more about Jesus Christ, and how His teachings can help you find a lasting happiness and purpose in life through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints...and/or ask me questions directly if you prefer. I'll take whatever time you need.

I've had the fortune of travelling to and living in many places. Below are images showing Countries, US States or Counties that I've been lucky enough to travel to (includes a couple airport-only Khartoum,Sudan).

Countries visited around the world

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States visited in the USA

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Counties visited in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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