Career Goal<top> 

To facilitate motivation and effective Teaching and learning in mediated environments through research, design and innovative use of technology

Educational Philosophy <top>

Learning is:
I do generally hold that learning is a largely cognitive activity. Learning should be more than demonstrABLE. It should be demonstratED. This is certainly more critical in some areas than others, for example airline pilots should not simply understand everything there is to know about the dynamics of lift and physics and all the functions/descriptions of the panel buttons etc, they should be able to actually fly a real plane in real conditions. Understanding it in the head alone is not sufficient.

It is in my view, probably both unethical and irresponsible to have “learning” (knowledge, skill), but be unwilling to use it in service of our families and for the betterment of society and the lifting of burdens of those around us. Hence, my view of learning dictates more than storing up knowledge, potential capacity or capability. It prescribes its ultimate manifestation in acts and works to be really counted as learning—in my book.

A Teacher is:
Many things. A teacher is a role model, a connector of disorganized resources, a presenter of organized information and learning activities, a facilitator, a friend, a motivator, and inspirer, a lifter.

A Student is:
A learner who has consciously decided to systematically or persistently pursue a given field of knowledge or skill. A learner is an active contributor and reorganizer of information.

An Instructional Designer is:
A motivator, a sequencer, a facilitator, a technologist, an innovator, a connector, a bridge, a creator.

I was once wary of my abilities and interest in teaching, despite my chosen profession. I have since grown considerably more comfortably with the idea, although administrative and faculty support responsibilities still hold greater attraction for me. I believe it will be important for me to garner experience as a regular instructor for some years before pursuing those goals more directly. My goal as an educator, technologist, and theorist is to contribute knowledge to the field on how to attain the highest possible probability that desired learning goals will occur. More specifically, it is to facilitate motivation and effective teaching and learning in mediated environments through research, design and innovative use of technology.