Ethnographic Film Critique:

A Wedding in Ramallah

Joel D. Galbraith, Hong Lin & Ying Xie
Penn State University

(December, 2003)

The Review & Critique (Galbraith, Lin & Xie)
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The Film: A Wedding in Ramallah (90 minutes*)

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Interview with the Filmmaker (Sherine Salama)
Telephone interview to Sydney, Australia. Interviewer: Joel Galbraith

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The Film Log (prepared by Joel Galbraith)
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The Companion Website (PBS)
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(*first 10 minutes missing, see film log for decription of missing portion)


Documentary Film Credits
Title: A Wedding in Ramallah (2002)
Director: Sherine Salama
Sherine Salama
Editors: Andrew Arestides, Andrea Lang
Sound: Alan Barker
Length: 90 minutes
Language: Arabic/English
Production: Habibi Films PTY LTD. Sydney, Austalia;
Australian Film Finance Corporation
Reference: Salama, S. (Director/Filmmaker). (2002). A Wedding in Ramallah.[Motion Picture]. Australia: Habibi Films.
*There is currently no US distributor
Featured on the “Independent Lens” program; WPSX (PBS) October, 2003

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Joel D. Galbraith